Winter Games

Winter Games

Staged every two years in a different city, the winter edition of the FISU World University Games is a celebration of international university sports and culture. With several thousand student-athletes competing in each event edition, the FISU World University Games is among the world's largest winter multi-sports competition.

Winter Games
  • CAN vs. RUS (Men's Ice Hockey Final) | Harbin 2009 | #UniSportsClassics

    Led by standout defenseman Ryan Pottruff, U SPORTS International takes on the Russia Federation for gold in the Harbin 2009 Winter Universiade ice hockey final. If it feels a bit like deja vu all over again in 2009, it might be because the two countries matched up with gold on the line in the pre...

  • KAZ vs. CAN (Men's Ice Hockey Final) | Trentino 2013 | #UniSportsClassics

    With the Trentino 2013 Winter Universiade attracting a record number of participants, the 11-day competition comes down to perhaps its most marquee event; the men’s ice hockey gold medal game between Kazakhstan and Canada. Relive the final on Sunday at 18:00 CEST (16:00 GMT) right here on Facebook.

  • JPN vs. USA (Women's Ice Hockey Bronze) | Krasnoyarsk 2019 | #UniSportsClassics

    After having represented Team USA in the Winter Universiade press conference, Maddie Wolsmann and her ice hockey teammates take on team Japan with the women’s bronze medal in the balance.

    The matchup is a reprise of the opening game for both teams, where Japan shocked the Americans with the win....

  • CAN vs. RUS (Women's Ice Hockey Final) | Krasnoyarsk 2019 | #UniSportsClassics

    Coming in as the tournament favourite, the undefeated Russian women’s hockey team faces off against second-seeded Canadians with the Winter Universiade gold medal on the line.

    In a repeat matchup of the Almaty 2017 Winter Universiade women’s ice hockey finals, can the Russian Federation delight...

  • CHN vs. USA (Women’s Ice Hockey Third Place) | Almaty 2017 | #UniSportsClassics

    The People's Republic of China roars into the bronze medal game of the women’s ice hockey tournament having previously crushed Team GB 12-0, before running into the Russian buzzsaw in the semifinals. Now, with the bronze medal matchup against the perennial hockey powerhouse Team USA, can China re...

  • CAN vs. RUS (Women’s Ice Hockey Final) | Almaty 2017 | #UniSportsClassics

    After dominating the USA in the semifinals, Team Canada takes on the team from the Russian Federation in its fifth consecutive Winter Universiade women’s ice hockey championship match. The U SPORTS International all-stars hope to capture their fourth Winter Universiade title. Russia meanwhile wil...

  • Alpine Skiing

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    A very popular snow discipline at the FISU World University Games, Alpine Skiing had its premiere at the event’s first edition in Chamonix, France, in 1960. Alpine Skiing is the sport with the highest country participation at the FISU Games, e.g. 42 countries participated in the 2019 Winter Unive...

  • Biathlon
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    As a sport that has its roots in the army, Biathlon has become a very exciting and popular sport for university students. Biathlon was included in the sports programme for the first time during the 1983 Winter Universiade that took place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Cross-Crountry Skiing

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    Cross-Country Skiing, has been a compulsory sport since the inaugural edition of the Winter Universiade that took place in Chamonix, France, in 1960. It is one of the oldest sports in the FISU World University Games sports programme and it was also proposed during the International Winter Weeks i...

  • Curling
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    From an optional sport at the 21st Winter Universiade in Tarvisio (2003), Curling became a compulsory sport at the 23rd edition in Torino (2007). Since then, there always has been a reserve list as all spots for the men’s and women’s tournament are always taken and the competition is fierce!

  • Figure Skating

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    The gracious movements of the figure skaters always attract a big crowd at the FISU World University Games. Lots of excitement builds up in the arena when the skaters perform the most difficult spins and jumps. Traditionally, the competition ends with a Skating Gala with all medallists performing...

  • Freestyle & Freeski

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    Ski Cross, Moguls, Half Pipe, Aerials and Slope Style: Freestyle Skiing is a very young and spectacular sport that includes all those events. It has recently gained more attention from the public and it has experienced phenomenal growth also in the international student sports community.

  • Ice Hockey

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    The fastest team sport in the world was added to the sports programme of the Winter Universiade for the 2nd edition in Villars, Switzerland in 1962. In 2009, at the 24th edition in Harbin, China, the women’s tournament was added as well. Simply the right decision as both exciting tournaments alwa...

  • Short Track Speed Skating

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    Fast, faster, fastest! Short Track is all about speed and strategic thinking. Although the Korean and Chinese skaters often excel at the Winter Universiade, they are always challenged by athletes from many other countries. A need for speed? Check out short track!

  • Snowboard
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